Eyelash Extensions – How to Make Them Last

Eyelash extensions are a popular beauty treatment that adds length and volume to natural eyelashes. However, eyelash extension maintenance is a topic that is not so discussed by people. 

With good care, extensions can last up to six weeks, but they will ultimately become worn and need to be replaced.  But, this takes up a lot of money, especially when you have other priority bills to pay. Continue reading and let’s talk about how to keep maximizing the life of your falsies and their eyelash extension maintenance.

What are eyelash extensions?

Lashes by Christine explains that lash Extensions are single, curved strands of synthetic eyelashes that mimic real eyelashes. They are applied individually to each natural eyelash for a natural, attractive, and lush appearance. Eyelash extensions are ideal for both special events and everyday usage.

What are eyelash extensions made of?

Each type of extension is made of a different material, such as plastic, animal fur, or even fake animal fur. When they get wet, extensions made from animal hair often lose the curl that was put in them and become straight. In eyelash extension maintenance, one should be cautious with water if they have this kind of extension.

Factors to care in eyelash extension maintenance

#1 Material of your extension

The material of your lash extension really matters when it comes to sturdiness of curl and hold. Animal fur lashes tend to lose their curl fast and are susceptible to water damage. While, synthetic lashes tend to be easily damaged with heat and sun rays. 

Styleseat.com lists down the common lash extension materials that are used by beauty centers. Here some in their list:

Animal FurSynthetic
Real Mink Eyelash ExtensionSilk
Sable Eyelash ExtensionsAcrylic Fiber
Fox Eyelash ExtensionsPolybutylene terephthalate

Pro Tip: Be sure to check on your aesthetician first what lash extension they’ll be using and avoid factors that would easily lose their beauty.

#2 Applying Waterproof Mascara

Don’t use waterproof or oil-based mascaras on your extensions. Mascara will gunk up the extensions and make them look dirty. Instead, use a water-based mascara.

What’s the difference between waterproof and water based mascaras? Waterproof  mascara will be much harder to clean and may lead to accidentally plucking of lashes. Because they will need a makeup remover. On the other hand, water based mascara can be easily toned and cleaned down by the use of water only. 

#3 Using Makeup Remover 

When removing makeup, care should also be given to do it thoroughly. Always use an eye makeup remover that is based on water, similar to using mascara that is water based. 

#4 Bad Sleeping Habits

Try to avoid sleeping on your side, with your face tucked into your pillow, or even with our pillow covering your face. Stop doing these activities, and get in the habit of sleeping on your back as soon as possible. Because of this, your eyelashes won’t get squished, which would otherwise cause damage to them.

#5 Not Cleaning Regularly

Brush your extensions regularly. This will help keep them looking neat and tidy. Trim them as needed. If the extensions start to look too long, trim them with scissors.
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