6 Things To Know About Heated Eyelash Curlers

If you’re not happy with your eyelashes, you’re not alone. Many women feel like their eyelashes are too short, too thin, or just not curly enough. But thanks to heated eyelash curlers, you can now achieve the curl and volume you’ve always wanted.

There is no single doubt that having those thick, long and super curled lashes will give you a whole new different look. Heated eyelash curlers will transform your whole new aura! Even without makeup, those kinds of lashes will save you from having that haggard, dull and boring face. First time hearing about heated eyelash curlers? Learn more while you scroll.. 

What are Heated Eyelash Curlers? 

This beauty product gadget is like a hot tool for your lashes. The heat forces the lashes to curl upwards and it has a longer lasting power than a typical curler would. 

How does a Heated Eyelash Curler curl? 

Heated eyelash curlers work by heating the metal barrel, which then clamps or slides down on your lashes and curls them. This results in fuller, longer, and more voluminous lashes in just a few seconds. However, in order to complete the appearance, you will need to apply many coats of mascara, just as you would when using a conventional eyelash curler.

Heated eyelash curlers work by heating the metal barrel, which then clamps down on your lashes and curls them.

Is a heated eyelash curler bad for your eyelashes?

Heated eyelash curlers are very safe when used correctly, said L’Oreal Paris’s “Should You Use a Heated Eyelash Curler?. A heated eyelash curler should be added to your routine if you have naturally straight and stubborn lashes and struggle to keep your fringe looking curled. Compared to using a conventional lash curler, the curl will be stronger and remain longer.

Can I use a Heated Eyelash Curler on extensions? 

Never attempt to curl synthetic extensions with manual or hot curlers. It won’t help you at all.

Be careful to use moderate heating techniques while using animal fur extensions. By brushing them with your curling wand, you can curl them. However, avoid overheating just to hasten the process! Read more on my article: Can I Use Eyelash Curler on Extensions? 

What to look for in Heated Eyelash Curlers

  • Battery vs. rechargeable – There are two main kinds of heated eyelash curlers – battery-operated vs rechargeable. A major consideration should be done when choosing which one to purchase.
  • Clamp vs. Wand – There are versions of heated eyelash curlers that have a clamp design. These are most similar to the conventional eyelash curlers that the vast majority of people are already familiar with. On the other hand, wand designs do not need to clamp your lashes. Heat will do the work with a little help of hand motion in curling it.
  • Battery life – A battery life of a worth-it heated eyelash curler must be long lasting. Who would want to charge or replace the battery of the curler after just a couple of uses?
  • Temperature regulator – Not all lashes are the same. Some are easily sensitive to heat while others are a bit resistant already. For sensitive lashes, low temperature heat will suffice and there’s no need to increase its heat level.

What to remember when choosing a Heated Eyelash Curler

But before you run out and buy a heated eyelash curler, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, be sure to read the instructions carefully before using your heated eyelash curler. Heated eyelash curlers can be a bit tricky to use at first, so it’s important to know how to use them correctly in order to avoid any mishaps.

Also, be sure to use a quality mascara with your heated eyelash curler. Not all mascaras are created equal, and some mascaras are better suited for use with a heated eyelash curler. So before you buy one, be sure to do your research and find the best mascara for your needs.

Finally, be careful not to overuse your heated eyelash curler. Heated eyelash curlers can be damaging to your lashes if used too often, so be sure to use them sparingly.

Fist the Gist — Key Takeaways

All in all, heated eyelash curlers are a great way to achieve fuller, longer, and more voluminous lashes. Just be sure to read the instructions carefully before using them, use a quality mascara, and be careful not to overuse them.

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