Problems with Asian Eye Makeup?— 7 Products You Should Know About

Have you ever watched a YouTube video and then tried to do the same steps and use the same tools to learn how to do perfect eye makeup looks? Of course! Many of us do! 

And yet, are you one of those gals who did everything the video said to do but ended up with really bad results because you have “Asian eyes”? Well, yeah. I’m one of you. And it could be annoying! 

Asian eye makeup breaks every rule you’ve ever learned about cosmetics. Just because, we are just the ones whose eyes don’t have creases! That’s what makes us exceptional.

Let’s just be honest, no makeup rule is applicable to every single one of us. Especially, when different eye shapes enter the discussion. 

Scroll down for some makeup tips that will change the game for crease-free eyes.

What are Asian Eyes? 

asian eyebrow

Asian eyes are commonly generalized to be slanted, almond-shaped, and small. People with monolid eyes have small to no crease visible in their eyelids. This is due to the epicanthic fold. The epicanthic fold is the upper eyelid skin towards the inner corner of the eye that makes Asian eyes look small, straight, and sharp. Having creaseless eyelids makes it more challenging to experiment with good looking eye makeup. 

Also, if you have Asian eyes, your natural eyelashes are likely to be short, straight, and stubborn. This could make it hard for you to get thick, curled eyelashes. But, we’ve got the solution for you!

How to do Asian Eyes Makeup?

Check out Jessica Vu’s Youtube video “EYELIFT MAKEUP FOR DOWNTURNED EYES (HOODED ASIAN EYES)” featuring a tutorial for eye makeup in Asian eyes. Jessica Vu is a Vietnamese-American Youtube star that features clothing haul, beauty tips and makeup tutorials in her vlog. Followed by 1.46 million subscribers on Youtube.

It’s beginner-friendly and wearable enough to fit into your everyday makeup routine. Here are her tips on dealing with monolid eyes: 

Asian Eye Makeup Tutorial

First and Foremost

Never forget to prime your eyes first! Use a trusted primer that is lightweight to feel comfortable with either light or heavy makeup. This will help the colors of your eyeshadow to last long and avoid powdery and creased situations after hours of wearing it. 

Step 1: Use a Dark Brown Eyeliner

Dark Brown Eyeliner creates a fine lush effect that would appear like a wing, making an appearance of bigger eyes. It is possible to use black eyeliners, but the shade they create is too hefty and noticeable for a subtle makeup look.

L’Oreal Paris Mechanical Black Brown Eyeliner is perfect for this touch. What we like the most in this eyeliner pencil is that it’s already mechanical and sharpening every time you use it is not a problem anymore. It is formulated to last long for 16 hours making its creamy and smooth texture glides perfectly on eyes and is fade-proof. 

Pro Tip: Use liquid liner to create a sharp look at the edge. Blend the edge with the base you just created to complete the wing. 

L’Oreal Paris Waterproof Brown Liquid Eyeliner is the perfect partner for the pencil. It doesn’t leave any smudges on the corner of the eyes throughout the day wearing it. One would definitely fall in love with the gorgeous rich brown and clean lines it creates, like I did.

Step 2: Less is More

Do not overdo your eyeliner. Just put less eyeliner on the inner corner of the eye to avoid looking droopy and dolly. Less liner will make the eyes pop and look more upturned. 

Step 3: Do Not Forget Your Lash Lines!

Rookies often forget filling up the lash and water lines making the eye makeup appear pale and incomplete. Just use your pencil eyeliner in filling up the lash lines.

Step 4: Curl Your Lashes

Asian people know how stubborn asian lashes are to curl, making it almost impossible to tame. Want to know secrets on how to? Read our article on how to Beat Stubborn Straight Lashes.

PETUNIA Skincare Eyelash Curler will do the job for Asian eyes. Their design covers almost every eye shape making the straight eyes of Asians fit just enough on this lash curler. To add, it’s made up of stainless steel and does not break easily, good for the money compared to other ones that are just easily broken by time. 

Step 5: Apply Your Mascara

Apply 2 to 3 coats of Maybelline New York Lash High Sensational Mascara, depending on how thick you prefer. Use a mascara that is straight-shaped rather than the curved ones. Straight-shaped mascaras are perfect for the small, straight-shaped eyes of Asians. You’ll find it hard to put the curved ones on your eyes at an angle without getting mascara smudges on your skin.

If you see any clumping, remove it by using a tweezer. You can create a false lash effect by sectioning lashes together while getting rid of the clumps due to the mascara. This grouping together of lashes creates an illusion of thicker and more volumized lashes.

Step 6: Lower Lash Line

Grab a cool-toned brown eyeshadow that resembles a contour shade to build a more upturned shadow on your eyes. Simply create a line shadow on the lower lash line and angle it upwards.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 on to your lower lash line, also. Remember to do it on downward strokes. 

Step 7: Shimmer & Shine

Add shimmer to your inner and other corner of the eye. Just choose any white to light shimmer shade on your eyeshadow palette or a highlighter, if you have.This creates a shine, sparkly effect especially when light hits your eyes. Looks very nice in pictures too!

Eyeshadow palette link: NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Ultimate Shadow Palette, Eyeshadow Palette

Highlighter link: Highlighter Palette,Highlighter Makeup Palette, Glow Bronzer Highlighter Powder Kit

Step 8: Eyeshadow to Add Color

The last step is to put a subtle hint of eyeshadow to match up your day. NYX Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette Warm Neutrals features warm nudes for your everyday makeup look. You can opt to put anything you’d like. Just make sure it is subtle enough for a no-makeup-makeup look. 

But if you are ready to stand out, then go explore your ways with varieties of hues and shadows! It’s really up to your liking. Bestland 4 in 1 Color Board Makeup Palette houses 60 different colors to choose from. Glitter, Metallic, Matte and Shimmer they all have it in one! When you are ready to quirk up, try this beaut! 

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Fist the Gist — Key Takeaways

Never be afraid to experiment. Quirk up! Be confident! Not everyone is excellent at their first try, just do it with passion and be sure to enjoy, surely you’ll find your way through it!

Start with subtle makeup look as your base knowledge first. And then, climb your way through different makeup styles depending on your mood, clothes, and occasion. 

Again, don’t forget to prime first! You’ll see the difference once you’ve tried it. 

Let’s learn more. See you in the next one!