Basics about Eyebrow Waxing— 4 Things You Should Know About

Thick, feathered, and newly waxed brows are the definition of beautiful eyes nowadays. Waxing is definitely not for everyone but I know some people swear by it!

What is eyebrow waxing?

What is eyebrow waxing?

Eyebrow waxing is the process of getting rid of unwanted hair along the eyebrow area by putting warm wax on the hair. The wax is left to harden and stick to the unwanted hairs. When it is pulled, it pulls the hairs out of their roots. The end result is smooth skin and eyebrows that look great.

#1 What happens in an eyebrow waxing parlor?

  • First, you and your technician will talk about how you want your eyebrows to look: full and defined, with a high arch, or just clean. 

Pro Tip: A good technician will know what looks best on your face, but you should also do your research and tell them what you want to look like.

  • During an eyebrow waxing in a salon, your technician will use warm wax to remove hair that you don’t want. 
  • Then, a small piece of paper is put on top and quickly pulled in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  • A wax cleanser will be used to get rid of the leftover wax. A skin soother is also used to calm the redness and soothe the skin.

#2 Is eyebrow waxing painful?

People have different pain tolerances, but if it’s your first time getting your eyebrows waxed, it might hurt a little. It hurts a little because several hairs are being pulled out at once.

But the pain doesn’t last long. Some people say it only hurts for a few seconds. Others who have already tried it before say it feels more like tingling than pain.

#3 How often should you wax your eyebrows?

Results can last from four to eight weeks, but most people see results after six weeks. It is recommended that you should make an appointment every four weeks if you want a better shape or if your eyebrows grow fast.

#4 Pros vs Cons of Eyebrow waxing

Fast procedureCannot be performed on patients with disability/ disease
Relatively less painful than brow threadingMay burn the skin especially if it’s real hot
Hair regrows smoother and thinner afterNot suitable for people with allergic infection 

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