Wild to Fab — Your Ultimate Guide to Eyebrow Piercings

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. So why not add some cool eyebrow piercings to them and the rest of your face? Piercings are not for everyone, but they’re not bad to look at either.

The eyebrow piercing has become a popular trend among both males and females. Its placement along the eyebrow is flexible, however it is most commonly seen after the brow’s arch.

What is an eyebrow piercing?

Eyebrow piercing procedure

A piercing that runs along the eyebrow is called an eyebrow piercing. For the simple reason that it does not lie flat on the skin and has a discrete opening and closing. 

Most piercings in the eyebrow area are done vertically, on the surface, and to the outer corner of the eye. Horizontal piercings of the eyebrow, rather than the more common vertical ones on the brow’s ridge, are far less common.

Does eyebrow piercing hurt?

The discomfort associated with getting your eyebrows pierced is typically less than that of other piercings. There will be a slight squeeze and a moderate amount of pressure, but nothing too painful.

However, after getting your eyebrow pierced, you may endure greater pain and swelling than you would with other piercings.

Does eyebrow piercing scar?

Scarring can occur after any injury to the skin, including cuts, scrapes, and punctures. Scarring from an eyebrow piercing, if any, should be minor with proper aftercare, and would typically be hidden by the brow’s hair. 

However, the likelihood of visible scarring grows as the piercing is mistreated.

How long does eyebrow piercing heal?

Healing time for an eyebrow piercing is typically between two and three months. Even if you wish to hide your jewelry, you shouldn’t touch it or move it during this period. This is a particularly delicate area of the body, and any jarring of the jewelry there runs the risk of causing scarring or the body to reject the jewelry altogether.

Normal, full recovery after getting your eyebrows pierced might take anything from six weeks to a year.

Can I still pluck eyebrow hairs while having eyebrow piercings?

The part directly around the piercing should be given some time to heal before any more manipulation is done, although you can still wax, pluck, or shave your eyebrows if you are careful and cautious. 

When your eyebrow piercing has completely healed, you can remove the jewelry to wax or pluck the area without worrying about damaging the piercing.

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