Top 8 Do’s and Dont’s in Having Eyelash Extensions

Getting lash extensions is a fantastic option for women who desire longer, thicker eyelashes but haven’t had much luck with mascara. When applied properly, eyelash extensions may make your eyes look larger and more beautiful. Take it from us, if you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out!

A pair of them can also help your eyes stand out by making them appear larger and more defined. Keeping your false lashes looking as good as they did the day you received them is no easy feat, especially if you also have to tend to your natural lashes.

A pair of eyelash extensions can help your eyes stand out by making them appear larger and more defined.

Although eyelash extensions can last for weeks, touch-up appointments are recommended every two to four weeks to maintain a full and beautiful appearance. 

But what if you have to wait a long, perhaps weeks or months, before you can schedule an appointment? The good news is that you can keep your eyelash extensions looking great in between appointments by following a few simple rules.


#1 Always maintain the cleanliness of your extensions

Eyelash extensions last the longest when they are well cared for and kept clean. An eyelash cleaner is ideal for this task. But you can’t use any old eyelash cleaner on your extensions; you need one made especially for them. Pick out alternatives that don’t include any potentially harmful ingredients. Choose formulas that are oil free, alcohol free, paraben free, gluten free and vegan.

#2 Try sleeping on your back

If you sleep on your side or stomach, you may cause harm to your eyelashes and have them fall out sooner than you’d want. If you want your eyelashes to last longer and be less likely to fall out, try sleeping on your back.

#3 Switch to Silk or Satin Pillowcases

Everyone has heard that sleeping on a silk pillowcase will help with wrinkles and curly hair. Keeping your lash extensions on for longer is another perk that has just been discovered.

Use a silk pillowcase to protect your eyelashes from becoming snagged if you roll over in your sleep. 

#4 Remember to brush your lashes

Make sure to brush out your new, fluffy lashes every so often to remove any clumps, dirt, or kinks that may have formed while you were asleep. Drugstores and beauty supply stores typically have spoolie packs that have been recently sanitized.

#5 Use a gentle makeup cleaner

Eye makeup should be removed using a gentle, low-alkaline soap and an oil-free makeup remover. This is because lash adhesive dissolves in oil. This is why oil-based makeup removers and facial cleansers are best avoided. If you must, use a removal gel.


#1 Do not overuse the mascara

With lash extensions, your natural lashes will seem long and lush without the need for mascara. Some of you may still want to wear mascara on occasion, and that’s totally okay! Just take note that a regular mascara won’t work with lash extensions; you need the specialized kind.

Mascara addicts should stick to water-based formulas. Keep an eye out for misleading claims that this is waterproof mascara. Water-based and waterproof formulas are two entirely different things! Be sure to check the label.

Only the very tips of your lashes should be coated with mascara, and only if you’re using lash extensions. It’s crucial that you do so if you’re a volume or hybrid visitor.

#2 Do not play your lashes

Avoid vigorous rubbing of the eyes or picking at your lashes. Picking at your false eyelashes is bad for your natural lashes.

#3 Beware of heat

Avoid hot baths, saunas, tanning beds, and cooking over open flames. Following a shower, blow dry your eyelashes on the lowest, coldest setting and gently brush them downward and outward. The heat causes the tiny plastics used in the false eyelashes to slowly melt.

#4 Too much pool time

After the initial curing period of the fake lash extensions in place, one can go enjoy a gentle swim.

However, continuous exposure to chlorine in pools might weaken the adhesiveness of the lash glue, leading to premature lash loss. If you’re a frequent ocean swimmer, the salt in the water may weaken the link between your skin and the water.

Here are some do’s-and-dont’s suggestions for prolonging the life of your lash extensions so that they retain their beautiful appearance.

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