Eyebrow Lamination Trends for 2023—6 Easy Steps in DIY

The latest eyebrow news that took over the social media by storm is eyebrow lamination trends for 2023. Even though it’s cheaper than other brow treatments like microblading, we’re always looking for ways to save money but still  would be looking perfectly gorgeous. 

What are these Eyebrow lamination trends for 2023?

Technician doing eyebrow lamination trends for 2023

If you haven’t heard about it, let us tell you what’s new. Eyebrow lamination trends for 2023. It’s basically a brow perm, or maybe a longer-lasting version of soap brows, which gives your brows a set, uniform shape for a long time. By lifting and smoothing each brow hair with a special keratin treatment, the process can fill in gaps and give the appearance of a lot of hair growth and fullness. It smooths the eyebrows by using chemicals to set the hairs in a vertical direction for a while, making them look like they were brushed up.

What’s the best? The results will last for weeks, so you won’t have to do the same thing every morning before you have to run out the door. Oh, and unlike microblading, brow lamination doesn’t use a single needle near your face.

Is it possible to DIY Eyebrow laminations?

Yes. These trending eyebrow laminations can be done just at the comfort of your home thus making it more perfect and affordable to many. No need to worry and we’re here to help you make that DIY eyebrow laminations possible.

DIY Eyebrow Lamination Trends for 2023

Step 1: Ensure your brows are clean and all products are removed using the cleansing solution.

Step 2: Brush the brows upwards with a spoolie and apply the Lash Glue. Once every single hair is coated, brush through the brow once again with a spoolie so the hairs stand up.

Step 3: Next apply the perming solution with a Q-tip in an upwards direction.

Step 4: Take a large sheet of cling film and place it on top of your brows. Leave the cling film on for eight to 10 minutes, then wipe away the solution with micellar water on a cotton pad.

Step 5: Apply the setting solution to your brows with a Q-tip and then place a clean sheet of cling film on the brows for 10 minutes, then wipe away the solution with micellar water on a cotton pad.

Step 6: Groom your brows to your preference. If you have light brows, you can tint them to reveal the thinner, light hairs for fuller-looking brows. You may also need to trim or pluck the occasional hair to create a more polished finish when baby eyebrow hairs start to grow out.

Do not forget: Don’t get the brows wet or apply makeup for 24 hours for long-lasting results. 

Pro Tip: To keep the brow hair healthy, comb through your brows with the nourishing oil and a spoolie every night before you sleep.

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