Reshape Your Beauty — 8 Perfect Eyebrow Shape That Suit Your Face

Everyone wants to have good-looking, well kept eyebrows. But sometimes, when we pay to have them done, we don’t like the results! 

We could end up asking – what’s wrong? Does it look weird? Is it the best eyebrow shape for me?

As we go through this blog, I’ll help you figure out what shape your brows should be and know what to say to your brow artist about the things you would want to be done. 

How to find your eyebrow shape?

The shape of your eyebrows does not just depend whether you’re in a mood for bushy or on fleek brows for that certain outfit. Instead, figuring out the perfect eyebrow shape that will suit you depends on what face shape you have.

Generally, there are 8 types of face shapes: round, oblong, oval, square, rectangle, triangle, heart, and diamond face shapes. Each recommends a distinct brow form that will accentuate and flatter your face characteristics.

What eyebrow shape is best for me?

Making the Best Eyebrows Choices for Your Face Shape

Round Face Shape

round face shape

A wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones define a round face. For those with round faces who wish to make their faces appear longer and less round, you should have eyebrows with a medium to high arch height and either a firm or soft angled arch form depending on what look you are aiming for.

Oblong Face Shape

oblong face shape

This facial shape is defined by a very long, narrow bone structure. It is advised for people with oblong faces to have brows with long tails to provide width and balance out the length of the face. A low arch height will help give an illusion of shorter face shape too. 

Oval Face Shape

oval face shape

Oval shaped faces have  jaws narrower than the cheekbones and the face is longer than being wide. This face shape is sometimes called “balanced” or “proportionate”. It is recommended to have a soft brow with a slight arch complementing the face shape; this will preserve the natural equilibrium of your face.

Square Face Shape

square face shape

A wide hairline and jawline are characteristics of the square face shape. The square face has visible width at the sides and height at the top. With this, your face’s angles will be softer if you’ll opt for full, thick eyebrows with a gentle or firm angled arch. This will pull the attention away from the jaw and into the eyes. A firm angled arch with a modest arch height would stop the attention to your eyes, while a gentle angled arch might help to soften the jawline.

Rectangle Face Shape

rectangle face shape

Rectangular face shape is actually a combination of two distinct shapes. Its form is a combination between the square and oval face shapes. To mean, it is the lengthy face with sharp edges. To balance out the length of the face, the tails of the eyebrows should be longer to make the face look wider. A lower arch height will also help to make the face appear more slender, and create the illusion of looking short.

Triangle Face Shape

triangle face shape

The pear face shape, which is also sometimes referred to as a triangle face, is distinguished by the presence of a smaller or more narrow forehead in contrast to a wider jawline. Your eyebrows should have a medium arch height and extended tails to create breadth at the forehead if you have a pear-shaped face. This will make your face appear longer.

Heart Face Shape

heart face shape

This type of face shape has a bigger forehead and a smaller chin. You will look best with soft brows that have a low to medium arch height and a curved or soft arch shape.

Diamond Face Shape

diamond face shape

The diamond face shape has a narrow chin and forehead, but the cheekbones are wide. Choose a soft brow with a curved or soft arch to soften sharp edges.

Fist the Gist — Key Takeaways

Enhancing your overall appearance to make it more coordinated and defined includes matching the shape of your eyebrows to those of your facial features. And, facial features include complementing your eyebrow shape with your face shape. 

Finding what’s best for you will surely help you be more confident and feel beautiful. Trust the process!

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Let’s learn more! See you in the next article!