Dermaplaning 101: Easy At Home Guide for DIY Dermaplaning

Want to avoid trips to the beauty aesthetic center just for a shave in the place? Read on. Here’s an at home guide for dermaplaning that might help you achieve that smooth, hair-free skin.

What is Dermaplaning? 

Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure that takes off  and manually exfoliates the top layers of your skin. For this method, the top layer of skin is scraped off with a blade. It is also called “blading” or “microplaning”.

If this is your first time doing dermaplaning, might as well read on What is Dermaplaning? 10 Common Questions Answered. 

Is dermaplaning good for the skin? 

If you do it correctly, dermaplaning at home is just as effective for your skin as visiting a dermatologist. Dermaplaning can renew and restore the radiance of your skin. So, how do we do dermaplaning? Is it tricky and difficult?

How to Dermaplane at Home

Dermaplaning is simple to do at home. To make sure you get the results you wanted, all you have to do is follow these simple steps. Just remember the number one rule that “Reusing a razor is a BIG NO”. Getting a new razor would be the perfect way to start the process.

At Home Guide for DIY Dermaplaning

beautiful woman holding razor for facial hair removal

Dermaplaning can be safely done at home, but with safety precautions.

  1. Begin with a fresh face and clean hands. Pat your face dry after washing it. Use a clean soft cloth in patting dry.
    Pro Tip: If you’re used to dermaplaning, try adding a few drops of unscented essential oils to your skin before beginning to shave your face.
  2. Use a manual razor or an electronic dermaplaning tool while holding the skin taut with one hand.
    Pro Tip: ALWAYS taut the skin to avoid cuts and irritations.
  3. Use short, light strokes to move the blade over your skin. Hold it in a 45-degree angle as you shave the vellus hairs.
  4. To avoid irritating the skin, keep the strokes moving downward. You’ll see the accumulation of dead skin cells and hair as you progress.
  5. Use a mild cleanser toner to clean your face.

You might want to watch Zagonia Lazarof’s Youtube Video “I SHAVE MY FACE FOR INSTANT CLEAR SKIN” with about 6 million views and counting, for a video tutorial on how to dermaplane.

What to NOT DO while Dermaplaning

  1. DO NOT go near and shave inflamed or irritated regions to prevent bleeding.
  2. DO NOT move the blade upward. This will cause irritations going against the natural direction of hair growth.
  3. DO NOT use toners with alcohol, AHA, BHA, PHA or any strong chemicals/exfoliants freshly from microblading. This will cause over exfoliation.
  4. DO NOT shave off your eyebrows if you didn’t intend to.

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Dermaplaning After Care

Dermaplaning takes off a thin part of your skin barrier. That is why after dermaplaning, moisturizing is an important part of taking care of your face’s skin to act as a protection. Hyaluronic acid creams and masks that you put on at night can help you fix your skin’s barrier and lock in moisture. Always protect your skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays, which is why you should put on and reapply sunscreen often.