7 Eyebrow Maintenance Hacks That Women Must Religiously Follow To Get That Dream Eyebrows

Always dreamt of having that perfect thick, bushy brows that are eye-catching even though you’re just wearing simple, light makeup? With a dab of gloss on the lips, a dab of mascara on the lashes, and a swipe of tinted moisturizer, and you are ready. But to achieve these dreamy brows one must really follow their eyebrow maintenance regime. 

Are you curious about how to shape your eyebrows so that they are always correctly arched? Here are a few techniques for making your eyebrows stand out.

#1 Find The Right Shape of Your Brows

Eyebrow shapes is a key feature to eyebrow maintenance

Just a fair warning, if you are a beginner, you should NEVER redo the shape of your brows without consulting a professional. Leave it to the skilled hands! They know what to do.

The first step in shaping your eyebrows is figuring out what style would look best on your face. Use a stencil to play around with the shape of your brows, taking cues from their natural outlines. Your eyebrows have a beginning, an ending, and an arch; use a brow pencil to trace these features. 

Your nostrils should be the starting point for your brow. To identify your nose’s beginning point, hold the pencil vertically on the bridge of your nose and above your nostril. An individual’s natural arch lines can be located by holding a pencil at the tip of one’s nose and angling it directly across one’s pupil. In the end, you may locate the outermost edge of your brow by holding the pencil at a 45-degree angle on the outside corner of your nose and eye. 

#2 Tweeze, Tweeze, Tweeze Unwanted Hair Away

To get the shape you want, you have to pull out each hair with tweezers. Because it can take time and be dangerous to do evenly, plucking is usually recommended to be only used to get rid of stray hairs over or under the brow shape.

#3 Moisturize The Brows

Eyebrow maintenance doesn’t limit you to regularly shaping your brows only, but moisturizing is also a secret many do not know. 

Many individuals forget about the need of keeping the area behind their brow hairs well hydrated, yet doing so will prevent flaky skin from developing. To maintain healthy brow hairs, simply apply your regular skin moisturizer and thank me later—

#4 Stay Away From Scissors

Getting a trim can seem preferable than plucking, but doing it on your own might be tricky. If you are determined to try brow scissors, the first step is to apply a clear shaping gel and comb the hair in the desired direction. After the gel has dried, trim your hair one strand at a time, checking your progress in the mirror after each cut to avoid removing too much.

#5 Try Microblading

Eyebrows microblading

Determined to get that no-makeup-makeup-look and have that less eyebrow maintenance work? Try Microblading, the semi-permanent technique for creating the illusion of fuller, more natural-looking eyebrows, could be the simple answer to the frustration of spending hours drawing on an unflattering shape with a pencil.

Fist The Gist—Key Takeaways

Eyebrows that are kept in good shape can also hide flaws like small eyes, eyes that are too far apart, or hooded eyes. 

Eyebrow maintenance gives off healthy and beautiful brows.

With the right shape, brows can add depth and length to eyes while making flaws look like they were never there. 

When eyebrows are trimmed and shaped well, they not only look good, but they also look clean and nice to the eye.

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