5 Cheap Makeup Brands That Are Worth The Try!

Let’s get this straight: using cheap makeup brands is nothing to be ashamed of! Something cheap doesn’t have to be less pigmented, less long-lasting, or worse in quality in any other way than a more expensive product. What we look for in an affordable makeup brand is simple: high-quality products at a great bargain price.

There’s nothing wrong with having tried-and-true favorites from high-end company brands, but it’s always fun to dig a little deeper in the beauty world. Here are a few of our favorite beauty brands that don’t get as much attention.

Cheap Makeup Brands That Are Worth The Try!

1. Focallure


The beauty brand FOCALLURE has focused on making cosmetics that are both cheap and good. It is a fast-growing makeup brand that is well-known in some Asian countries.  Their quality is great, and the price doesn’t change that.

2. Flower Beauty

Flower Beauty

Flower Beauty is a beauty brand founded by Drew Barrymore. Flower Beauty has never used animals in any way for makeup testing, ever. They don’t test the product on pets, but on people. Their team loves makeup just as much as you do, and they think that everyone should be able to get the best, most effective product at a price they can afford.

3. Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula

Scientists and doctors at Physicians Formula look for and test thousands of natural, organic, and safe undiscovered ingredients from all over the world to find those that are clean, effective, and high-performing while being gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. We think that everyone’s skin deserves to be healthy, and we promise to keep that promise. With the help of top doctors, their team combines unique, natural ingredients with technologies backed by science to make the most powerful “scientific naturals” that have been tested for safety and effectiveness. Scientists keep the “good” by using safe ingredients and get rid of the “bad” by making it illegal to use harmful or questionable ones.

4. Dermablend


Demablend is the brand that dermatologists recommend the most. They really believe that their slogan, “Where dermatology meets makeup artistry,” is true. They make products that are safe for all skin types, tones, and conditions by using high-performance pigments and standards made by dermatologists.

5. Covergirl


Covergirl is aimed at middle-class women between the ages of 18 and 45. Covergirl wants to reach out to women like you and me. Their slogan, “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Covergirl,” suggests that being a covergirl is easy. Their website www.covergirl.com also gives makeup tutorial videos using their makeup. CoverGirl has the most brand-loyal customers, according to a survey of 1,000 women over the age of 18. Half of CoverGirl’s clients have used the brand for five years or more, and they are most loyal to the blush, bronzer, concealer, foundation, and powder varieties.

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